My Business Philosophy

For most of my entrepreneurial journey, I thought I had to hustle my way to success (side note - it didn't work). As solopreneurs we often forget that we are our most valuable asset in our business, which is why it is vital that we take care of ourselves and build businesses that are sustainable and can help us not just survive but thrive. 

I believe in a slower, simpler approach to doing business. One rooted in intention, meaning & purpose. 

Now I’m not saying that making a profit is not important to me, obviously I need to be profitable in order to keep my doors open, but this is not the only reason why I am in business. My main goal is to help woman like you get behind-the-scenes support you deserve, so that you can step into your power as the visionary of your business! Allowing you to prioritise your own needs, avoid burnout and build a thriving business (that doesn't come at the expense of your precious time, family or health).

I also want my business to support my family in a way that is sustainable, and allows me to experience more ease, balance and freedom.

1. Purpose over profit (always).

I try to adapt a slower approach to business by focusing on five main areas, and making these non-negotiable.


This is probably the hardest part for me because I really have trouble saying no, even if I really want to. Somehow I always feel as if I am going to let someone else down, and that it's somehow wasteful to turn down opportunities that come your way. But I am slowly learning that by saying no to one thing, I am actually saying yes to all the things that mean the most to me. For example, saying no to every opportunity that comes my way, means saying yes to my family knowing that we will still keep our weekends sacred. 

Boundaries are also particularly important to me, as it allows me to see myself separately to my business and make more rational decisions, because my worth and value is not connected to my business. 

2. Setting clear boundaries, and learning to say no!

I used to be obsessed with mapping out a clear path forward, and then being disappointed or dissatisfied when things didn’t go to plan. But now I realise, that while a destination is good to have, you don't want to let it make you have tunnel vision for your future, or not enjoy the scenery along the way.

By having a clear direction, and lifestyle you wish to achieve through your business it's a lot easier to navigate when you find yourself off the beaten track, or when an obstacle gets placed in your path. I am not so adamant about the way I think things should play out, and more focused on staying true to my values and principles along the way.

3. Having a clear direction and vision for MY business.

I sometimes find myself getting overwhelmed by all the moving parts of my business and can easily become exhausted and stressed. But l remind myself to focus on the process and not the outcome.  It's easy to feel dissatisfied when you are always focused on the future. I see every task in my business as an opportunity. By reframing things, you can find joy in the most unlikely places. Instead of rushing through mundane tasks to move onto the next and the next, I savour them and enjoy them for what they are. I also set time aside for the work that absolutely lights me up - like writing a blog post, working on helpful guides & my email newsletter. I treat this work as something sacred - light a candle, put the perfect background music on and grateful for having a business that allows me to express myself in ways that are truly special to me and that nourish my soul.

4. To enjoy the process

I think the best way to have a slow sustainable business is to only do what is absolutely essential. The only way you can know what is essential is to know your core values. Just because you are “supposed” to do something, doesn't mean you should. I would say, try not to over complicate your process by having too many steps involved. Simplify and eliminate wherever possible. As I say, this is something that I am still working on, so I don't have all the answers figured out just yet. But what I am constantly doing is jotting down areas where I feel like work is hard, taking up time or not supporting my values. I will then figure out ways to simplify things and cut out areas that aren't essential or don't bring me joy.

5. Only do what is absolutely essential

My hope is that one day this becomes the norm for business & life, that people will start to appreciate “slow'' by not seeing it as a way of doing less, but doing a little less with a lot more intention.

For SOLOPRENEURS wanting to throw out the “RULE BOOK”!

And instead create an intentional business that feels joyful and in alignment with their values & purpose!

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If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the should do’s in business- and wondering if there is a more intentional, simpler way that brings you more joy.
My answer is normally, probably, if you are open to experimenting and some reverse engineering!


You need to feel unstuck

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You have asked your Partner or Mum for the 1000th time what they think, and you really just need a sounding board (or someone in a similar situation, with similar values) to talk to.


The online business world is filled with help, advice, and growth hacks. But you need help setting aside the should do's and find a solution that feels good for you!

Finding alternative strategies to social media



Building a slow and intentional business 

Creating a brand that brings you joy

Building better boundaries around your work

Creating an ENOUGH for me business, and defining your own version of success 

Aligning your business with your purpose and values

Uncovering your magic (finding what makes you different, and how you can use that to build your brand)

Finding your perfect fit clients - who do you serve & why

Refining your why (finding more purpose in your work)