Let’s weave some magic into your Dubsado workflows



Generously support your clients, while accomplishing your big business desires.

You have spent way too much time frankensteining your workflows together

But how do you bottle up and automate the energy you have with your clients 1:1, without losing that personal touch?

When what you really want is to build trust with your clients so you feel the creative freedom to do your best work. 


When what you really want is to build trust with your clients so you feel the creative freedom to do your best work. 

Right now you are expelling all your energy, trying to support your clients 1:1 when you know a lot of things could be automated. 

Not to mention, when you get busy, you forget to do the basics, like sending out questionnaires, asking for reviews and getting new clients to sign their contracts and pay their deposit feels like a bit of a faff!

Cue you feeling guilty and apologising on Insta stories for not getting back to clients fast enough - no shame we have all been there!!!

I get it, you're busy! You might have even been using Dubsado (or another CRM) for a while now, it’s functional and does the job. But you know you aren’t using it to its full potential.

You are ready to create a signature process that shows your magic and supports YOU (AND YOUR CLIENTS)!

You know there is so much more that you could be doing to educate, inspire and support your clients in order to build a relationship with them. Because you don’t wanna just show up and take their pictures, you wanna tell their story, guide, support and understand them to make them feel seen. 


Stacey is the absolute BEST! She knows how photographers work, what we need and how to execute creating a personalised tailored plan just for me as an individual. 

She got to know me, understood how I operated and helped gently guide me into how to improve my workflow by implementing and adding touch points and steps to reach out and convert enquiries to clients. 

You don’t need a Dubsado Set-Up or just any old CRM. What you truly need is for someone to see your magic and help you translate that into a signature process!

You don’t need a Dubsado Set-Up or just any old CRM. What you truly need is for someone to see your magic and help you translate that into a signature process!

Helping you redefine what it means to be of service to your clients, while reclaiming your own time and energy.

+ generously support your clients without the overwhelm

+ increase your prices to be more energetically sustainable

+ nurture your creativity without becoming bogged down by the back-end of your business  

+ streamline and automate your workflows - so that they feel intentional, personal and are infused with the special brand of magic that only you can offer (no matter how crowded your industry is).

If you’ve been wondering how to:

+ find ways for your system to support you big business goals - like increase your album sales or sell that add-on service that is going to bring in the additional income you desire. 

If you’ve been wondering how to:

Chances are you already have a basic workflow sorted, instead we will be stepping away from the templates to create your own signature workflow, so you can do things your own way and work towards your specific goals and desires!


no more talking, I need this!

Choose your focus area


You will have my undivided attention as I help you build out your workflow, and simplify your process. Ensuring you create unforgettable experiences that your clients will love, and rituals and processes that make you feel empowered and supported.

This is perfect if you feel like you are struggling to stand out from others in your industry, or perhaps you are getting loads of enquiries but booking new clients is taking up waaaay more time than necessary. I will help you create a process that helps your potential clients realise you are the only option from them and get them feeling excited about working with you!

I will help you create an on-brand Investment Guide, Proposal and Welcome Guide that wows your clients, and weaves in lots of healthy boundaries. Not to mention, I will take your clunky, outdated workflow and make it run smoother, allowing you to onboard new clients with a couple of clicks of a button.

Crafting an intentional inquiry, booking & welcome workflow to show your unique brand of magic


There is so much focus on booking clients and not enough importance placed on how to actually take care of them. Especially as a photographer, you will be supporting your clients through periods of growth and transition. We will create a workflow dedicated to building their confidence on the lead up to being in front of the camera. 

Going way past, a “what to wear - style guide”, or an outdated wedding magazine that your client will never read, and instead walk them through a series of intentional touch points that will help you build trust and a connection with you, helping them relax on the day of their wedding / session. Additionally, we'll highlight the extra services you offer, such as albums, to enrich the high-touch experience you provide.

Creating a safe space and deepening client connections through your build-up workflow


Just as you welcomed your clients with intention, bidding them farewell should be just as heartfelt, if not more. That's why I'll help you create a warm and caring goodbye and nurture process that mirrors the way you welcomed them in the first place. We'll zhuzh up your post-wedding/session workflow with some extra special touches that make your clients feel extra loved and appreciated. 

Plus, we'll sprinkle in some fun stuff to boost your album sales and help your clients look after their memories, like tips on backing up their pics and getting them printed. And let's not forget about future you! We'll set up gentle reminders to snag those awesome testimonials and Google reviews, so everyone knows just how awesome you really are! Helping you get more repeat business and of course a steady stream of referrals.

Creating lasting impressions with a gentle goodbye & nurture workflow


Stop DIY’ing your systems and instead create a more holistic process that helps you reach your big picture goals!

You could just stick with the way you have always done things, or you could:

Stop switching systems, hoping to find more ease in your work, and instead intentionally build a process centred around your needs and healthy business boundaries.

Stop feeling overwhelmed, instead channel your energy and intentions into a repeatable system 

Stop comparing yourself to others in your industry, or purchasing templates, trying to replicate what others are doing, and instead tap into what makes you brilliant!

You *NEED* a Stacey in your business. 



I'm a stubborn DIY-er - I'm fairly confident with workflows, systems and design so I kept telling myself that I could do it all on my own. But it would have taken me WEEKS (months?) so needless to say, I'm a complete convert to letting the right person help you tackle those important projects. Her creative sensitive approach combined with an impressive strategic and tech knowledge means she's a powerhouse!

Working with STACEY has brought so much joy into my business journey. 



Stacey's support has been instrumental in boosting my confidence and excitement about my work. She not only understood my vision but also validated my ideas, turning them into tangible steps. Being neurodivergent, I felt truly understood and respected throughout our collaboration. Stacey tailored her approach to suit my needs perfectly.

I had thought my client experience and processes were fairly considered and smooth, but Stacey showed me how truly amazing they could be!



Hey, I'm Stacey


I created the Dubsado Glow-ups because I know that a valuable brand isn’t about the prettiest logo, having a huge following on Instagram or the best looking website. Instead, it’s about how you make your clients feel, and what they remember about working with you.

Some might call me a Certified Dubsado Specialist or Business Strategist - but I like to think of myself as your co-creation partner! Because nobody knows what you and your photography business need better than you! I am here to take your energy and intentions and amplify them.

What You will receive during your Dubsado Glow-Up:

A 90 MIN strategy Call

To review your current process and help you get really clear on how your service can stand out within your industry. I will help create a workflow to bring joy and ease back into your process.

A detailed plan to help you prepare

Don't stress, I will guide you every step of the way, ensuring you have everything you need to create your signature workflow to help you reach your big picture goals.

CustomiseD workflow & brand touchpoints

Seamlessly guide your clients through every stage of their journey with you, with boundaries and expectations clearly defined and communicated.

Custom Brand collateral to support your process

This could include a branded Proposal, client questionnaires, workbooks, guides, and presentation slide decks to share your knowledge and expertise. View my Portfolio Page for some more examples.

Implementation in Dubsado

You will walk away with a supportive workflow that serves you and your clients. This will save you time & streamlines your client facing tasks.

60 Min Handover Call

I will show you how to use your new workflow, and walk you through everything I have created for you, giving you the chance to ask questions and make small tweaks.

Video Tutorials and Guided walkthroughs

So you feel confident about using your workflows and know how to make changes and updates in the future.

One week of email / Voxer support

I will be available by email to answer any of your questions and support you if you get stuck.


£1500, or 2 payments of £750

Although I had tried my best to put together a decent structure to my workflow using my current CRM, I feel like it didn't necessarily give my clients an experience. It wasn't something that I thought of as a journey as such prior to working with Stacey. It was lacking my personality and the little touches that make me unique and a stand out within my industry.

I always wanted to give my clients the best, but I didn't ever realise how far beyond just providing great photography I could go to ensure I left a lasting impression and provided my clients with the support and education they required.” Actually, I am so in love with my client experience that I am a little bit jealous that I don't get to be my own client!

— Danielle Leslie Photography

“I am GLOWING. Stacey has helped me to completely transform my client experience!”

Book a complimentary connection call to find out how we can build a workflow centred around your innate desire to connect, give and share, while also honouring your time as a precious resource

CURIOUS ABOUT pullING back the layers AND shaking things up?


Would a Dubsado Glow up suit me if I have more than one service?

Dubsado Glow ups are designed for photographers who have 1 main service that brings in all or the majority of their income. If you have more than one service but it’s not your signature offer, we can build additional supportive workflows in Dubsado, but this will incur an additional fee (please mention this on our connection call). 

I do however feel that you would be confident enough to adapt your main workflow for additional services over time, and once you were confident using Dubsado. I provide personalised training videos as well as original canva files that you can adapt and implement for other services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m thinking of rebranding, when would be the best time to work with you?

It would be best to work with me after your rebrand is complete. In fact, it would be really beneficial to do this straight after your rebrand so that you create a cohesive experience for your clients.

On a side note, your brand is more than just the way that it looks, it is also about the way people feel while interacting with your brand. If you have rebranded in the past but feel like it hasn’t had the impact you were hoping for, it may be time to dig a little deeper and start to explore how you can create a brand that is memorable through your client experience.

I already have Dubsado or another CRM setup, will this service still suit me?

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, I want to make this service as accessible as possible. I offer a two instalment payment plan as standard. But we can create a custom payment plan tailored to your needs. 

How much time will this take?

I generally suggest that my clients have been in business for at least 2+ years, so that they are really clear on their process, as well as who they serve. So much can change in those first few years of business, so it’s best to invest in creating a signature workflow once you are really clear on what your brand of magic is. 

But, some of my other offers may serve you during this season of your business. For example my Reset Days.

Should I invest if I have just started my business?

The more information you provide, the better the experience we can create. I will guide you through the entire process, and give helpful suggestions on what to include, but I need you to provide me with all of your copy (wording), content, brand assets & imagery to use. I have created a seamless process, to help keep you on track and give you deadlines to provide all the information & assets I need from you.

If you are really struggling, I may suggest hiring a copy writer or adding in some additional support from me, but this is completely up to you.

I also need you to subscribe to the tools & systems I suggest to execute your branded workflow. You will need to have a Premier  Dubsado subscription, and you may want to include other tools such as Notion. I have a 30% discount code for Dubsado which I will share with you.

What would I need to provide?

Yes of course, I want to be there to support you once I have finalised & implemented your signature workflow. 

I will provide you with video tutorials so you will know exactly how to execute everything effortlessly. I also offer a week of email support in case you get stuck or need additional support.

Do you offer support after the setup?

Are there any additional fees involved?

Yes, you will need to purchase an annual or monthly version of Dubsado in order for me to work with you. There may also be additional costs involved for 3rd party apps, such as Zapier, Flodesk, Bonjoro, Video Ask etc.

I sometimes suggest using these as a way to enhance your client experience, and is not included in our fee. 

Please let me know if you are concerned about the additional monthly expenses of using other apps so I can be mindful of this when designing your client experience strategy & workflow.

The actual work in Dubsado will take a day (yes I know that's fast, I want to to be up and running quickly). But your strategy session will happen in advance, giving you time to write your canned emails and the additional content I will need from you (don't stress, I give you lots of support and guidance along the way).

But, it really is important that you set aside the time to dedicate to this process, as this will result in a better final outcome.

Yes, most definitely. Dubsado is merely the tool I will be using to execute your workflow, this  service involves so much more than just the basic setup of Dubsado. I will be looking at specific parts of your client journey and creating a new Client Centric Workflow & strategy to help you add additional value to the service you offer, give your clients an experience to be remembered, and help you reach your goals.

Does sending oFF a client gallery feel a little *meh*?

Why not craft an intentional goodbye ritual (aka off-boarding workflow) that will help you clients look after their images. A process that will help you get more reviews, sell more albums, and help you and your clients feel soooooooo supported. 



Still not sure?


I completely understand. Investing in your business is a huge step. Feel free to email me with your questions and we can make sure this is the best way for you to invest your resources. I will always be honest and if I feel that your money would be better spent in other areas of your business, I will be completely transparent and refer you to someone who could help.