Inianna Jane


Inianna Jane is a fictional brand photographer.

I wanted to demonstrate how a brand photographer could build trust with their clients throughout their client journey. Inianna has been helping woman tell their stories through brand photography for the past 7 years! She loves
discovering the incredible people behind the businesses she works with! She wants to help her clients tell a story and get to the root and heart of their brand! Her slow and simple process has been perfected to ensure that her clients feel safe, empowered and love the images she creates for them.

The main goal for Inianna was to make her clients feel supported - which is why we intentionally guide her clients through every step of their brand shoot (from the styling & conceptualising phase, through to their shoot day & beyond).

Inianna wanted to work towards extending her client lifecycle to create more repeat business and to work with her clients as their businesses grow and mature. 

Another key aspect was that she wanted to be very involved in the planning phase of the shoot, to ensure her clients got the most out of their branding shoot.

It was important to identify some key goals and develop a strategy.


Instead of looking at what everyone else was doing in her industry, we focused on what her client's really needed and how we could use some of Inianna's soft skills to create a unique selling point. Before becoming a brand photographer, Inianna worked for a magazine, so I wanted to highlight her talent for styling and editing throughout her process.

For example, her Investment guide clearly highlights her value and what makes her different to others in her industry. The Guide also highlights her process so her clients can see her work extends far beyond just taking pictures on the day of their brand shoot!

Highlighted her value


Some examples of how we created a signature client experience...


Video was used to create connection at key stages of the client journey. We made use of video in multiple ways - from personalised welcome messages to loom tutorials on how her clients can use images for their social media.

In the example shown, the video explains the purpose of the questionnaire and how and why the questions have to be answered in as much detail as possible.

This helps the person completing the form to have context as to why the questionnaire is vital to the process, but also makes them feel supported and that they can trust Inianna to gently guide them towards the results they are seeking.

Video's to create connection


Having your photographs taken is a very intimate process, Inianna felt that her clients often felt over exposed and unconfident on the day of their shoot. Although on the day she was confident she could help her clients relax, and enjoy their shoot she wanted to create a way to ease their anxiety before the shoot.

Taking inspiration from her TikTok videos, she created a simple video filled with tips on how her clients can feel more confident in front of the camera, do a little bit of self care before their shoot which ultimately led to clients being more relaxed on the day of their shoot (and a better result)!

Education to build trust


Not all brand photographers choose to get involved with the styling process and sourcing props, locations etc. But this was something that brought Inianna joy, and so I wanted to ensure it was part of her creative process.

We created a template for her to use - and now every client gets a personalised document that includes a moodboard to represent the feeling for the shoot, a suggested prop list, and advice for getting ready for an upcoming brand or product shoot. Most of the information stays the same, but there are key areas that Inianna uses to personalise her clients' experience AND helps her as a visual reference and guide for every shoot she works on.

Created a creative process


Behind the scenes look at her Shoot Build Up workflow

Inianna is able to gather information from her clients using a questionnaire template. Automatic reminders set-up to ensure her clients complete their questionnaire on time.

There are automated emails that are sent as soon as a form is complete to remind her clients of the next step.

We make use of schedulers to book a Styling & Conceptualisation call. These calls are scheduled in a way that support her boundaries

Each Client receives a personalised Shoot Style Guide - which leaves everyone feeling prepared

A few days before the shoot, each client receives a video to help them prepare for their shoot and feel more confident in front of the camera

A shoot checklist is sent one day before the shoot, and an automated email is sent straight after the shoot to remind her clients of what happens next, and when they can expect their images.

Effortlessly translate your unique magic through your signature service, that deeply nurtures your clients- all while allowing you to reclaim your own time, energy and peace of heart.

The final result created through my heart-centred approach...

Inianna will have many added benefits from creating a signature client experience, but what was most important to her, was to extend her client lifecycle. She recognised that it is a lot easier to work with past clients than it is to find new ones, because they already trust in the value you are able to provide. 

We created additional services (not advertised on her website), which could support her clients in other ways. For example through a styled stock membership and a subscription style service where clients could have a brand or product shoot done monthly or quarterly (depending on their needs).

My heart-centred (slightly rebellious) framework is designed to help you feel empowered to build a client experience for your signature service, steeped in rituals and intentions, that enhances your brand magic while also bringing connection, joy and ease back into your business. Ensuring both you and your clients get the support you crave!



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