It was such a joy to help Krissy craft a gentle off-boarding workflow to help say goodbye to her elopement clients!

Krissy is a daring, offbeat elopement photographer in Arizona. Being in Krissy's presence you can't help but smile and feel incredibly energised. From the moment I had a coffee chat with Krissy I could tell how much intention she puts into every part of her process!

Krissy was already using Dubsado, and had put a lot of effort into her workflows. But she wanted to create an on-brand way to deliver her client galleries, and help her clients feel empowered to look after their images and get them off of their screen and into their homes. 

Krissy had two main goals when it came to her post-elopement workflow (or goodbye ritual as I like to call it)! She wanted to help her clients look after their images (while simultaneously increasing her album sales) AND get more google reviews / client testimonials.

She also wanted her gallery delivery to feel super intentional - and so we crafted a strategy to build excitement and anticipation leading up to her final gallery delivery. Now I don't wanna give away all of Krissy's workflow magic, but this involved sending a client gift that set the mood for her gallery viewing AND sending build up emails before the final gallery was revealed. 

We had lot's of practical elements to build into her workflow - like reminders to write blog posts, adding a gallery delivery due date (to set expectations) and so much more!

It was important to identify some key goals and develop a strategy.


Behind the scenes look at her OFF-boarding workflow

Her post-elopement workflow starts by sending a heartfelt thank you to her clients, and reminding them of their gallery due date to help set expectations. This is a custom mapped field in Dubsado, so Krissy could gently remind her clients throughout her workflow.

We got creative on how we could ask for google reviews and testimonials! We had multiple requests for feedback that felt engaging (like sending voice notes and videos after receiving their sneak peeks). I also created a a formal feedback form - with intentional prompts to improve her process & to use on her website.

I designed a goodbye guide (or care guide as Krissy called it) - filled with ways to share about their elopement, back-up their images and of course encourage them to purchase an album.

Using storytelling to connect with her clients, we had multiple touch points showcasing the value of printing an album, going beyond the album features and focusing on the long term benefits!

We designed a welcome ritual, that automatically sent a welcome guide filled with gentle boundaries and set expectations with her clients right from the start. And her clients now have access to a client portal - making it easier for them to access their contracts, invoices & helpful guides!

After we were done working together

+ FELT confident & excited about SENDING her final gallery delivery
+ had a system to sell more albums
+ could get more rave reviews 
+ added value to her service
+ Felt energised by her own process 


WORTH. EVERY. PENNY!!! Working with Stacey has brought so much joy into my business journey. Stacey's support has been instrumental in boosting my confidence and excitement about my work. 

- Krissy Mae PhOTOGRAPHY

What Krissy had to say:

She not only understood my vision but also validated my ideas, turning them into tangible steps. Being neurodivergent, I felt truly understood and respected throughout our collaboration. Stacey tailored her approach to suit my needs perfectly.

In my eyes, she's a rare gem, and I genuinely value her expertise. I can't wait for our future collaborations. Stacey, you are truly one of a kind! Thank you for everything! 



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