Maya Stevens


Maya Stevens is a fictional life coach.

I wanted to demonstrate how a life coach, could use their client experience as an opportunity to provide their clients with additional support (far beyond their coaching sessions). Paying particular attention to the types of Clients Maya would work with, I adapted her process to be more flexible and really feel empowering and supportive for her clients. Maya wanted to ensure that her client's got the encouragement they craved between their sessions, while also honouring her own boundaries and the commitment she needed from her clients.

The main goal for Maya was to offer her clients more support in between her coaching sessions, and after her clients had worked with her. 

Something Maya sometimes struggled with was to get her client's full commitment to doing the work, and changing old habits in order to feel the full benefits of her coaching sessions. She wanted to find ways to gently encourage them towards the transformation they were seeking.

Maya wanted to have a more streamlined process, but she was scared that her process wouldn't feel personalised. By creating standard templates for Maya to tweak and change for each client she was still able to be personal, but not at the expense of her own time & energy!

It was important to identify some key goals and develop a strategy.


Maya recognised that her clients already felt very overwhelmed and needed extra guidance and support throughout her process. We gently prompted her clients through every stage of the process, by outlining clear goals and expectations.

We created a coaching guide, where clients were educated around what to expect at each coaching session, how they could prep for every session and what they could do in between sessions to get the full benefit of working with Maya. She also listed the tools and apps she uses so that clients felt confident in using them to communicate effectively and efficiantly.

Gently guided her clients


Some examples of how we created a signature client experience...


Maya really wanted to support her clients in between sessions. So we created a "reflection questions" slide deck.
We created a standard template that Maya could easily personalise in Canva and use Loom (a screen recording app) or Canva's presentation feature to quickly record some journaling prompts for her clients to work through before their next session.

This really helped her clients dig a little deeper, and learn how to coach themselves in between sessions. It was a very personal touch - but because of the way we set up the template it didn't take Maya more than 5-10 min to execute.

Session Reflection Questions


Maya had a standard contract in place, which we used in Dubsado and linked it to her client proposals. BUT Maya really wanted her clients to understand the importance of showing up to their coaching sessions and doing "the work" between sessions.

We created a Sub-Contract that was sent out during the Welcoming Ritual phase to help build trust between Maya and her client. It was a very visual contract outlining Maya's promises to her clients (which she signed), and then she asked her clients to make certain promises and commitments to her. This was to add more accountability for her clients.

Created a fun "Promise" contract


Maya's biggest wish for her clients is that they were able to support themselves once their coaching sessions had come to an end. We created a really helpful "goodbye guide" which she sent during the final stages of her client journey.
In this guide we outlined ways that clients could work with Maya again (by extending their coaching sessions, or through her membership). She also educated them on how to move forward and start to support themselves. 

The final Goodbye Ritual had several client-checkins, as well a free 30 min emergency session if her clients needed her help, or found themselves in a tough situation. This allowed Maya to be a supportive figure long after her service has ended.

Creating ongoing support


Behind the scenes look at her Goodbye workflow

Maya wanted to send her clients a goodbye gift after they had completed their final sessions. We used Maya's love of journaling and created a gift that would be useful and beneficial for her clients. This included a beautiful linen journal, with journal prompt cards.

We created a testimonial request, so that Maya could get more Google reviews. 

There were regular check-in emails sent. These were all standard emails which Maya had intentionally written. She provided her clients with additional resources such as an Audio Coaching Session and Meditation to listen to when they felt overwhelmed.

Finally Maya would invite her past client's into her membership where they could get more group support and benefit from joining a community.

After the coaching sessions had ended we sent an implementation guide (her goodbye guide) filled with strategies on how her clients could implement and integrate everything the had learnt during their time working with Maya.

Effortlessly translate your unique magic through your signature service, that deeply nurtures your clients- all while allowing you to reclaim your own time, energy and peace of heart.

The final result created through my heart-centred approach...

Maya will have many added benefits from creating a signature client experience, but what was really important to her, was to offer support beyond her coaching sessions. We infused this desire into every aspect of her client experience.

The hope is that by doing that she would get better results for her clients, be supportive without having to offer more of her time, and this would lead to more referrals and better client testimonials. 

Maya was able to infuse the magic and energy she gave her clients during her coaching sessions into a repeatable process and workflow.

My heart-centred (slightly rebellious) framework is designed to help you feel empowered to build a client experience for your signature service, steeped in rituals and intentions, that enhances your brand magic while also bringing connection, joy and ease back into your business. Ensuring both you and your clients get the support you crave!



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