Sarah Wakefield


Sarah Wakefield is a fictional home organiser.

I wanted to demonstrate how a professional organiser, with strong sustainability values could use her passion and purpose to create a client experience that sets her apart in her industry. Through her signature process she is able to educate her clients on environmental issues that are close to her heart. Her entire process is centred around helping her clients disconnect from their love of shopping and instead find ways to live lighter. Rather than desiring "things" her clients can learn to be the curators of their lives, and be more intentional!

The main goal for Sarah, was to create a system that could support while she was out working with a client. Because she spends most of her time in her clients home, she wanted a workflow that could successfully onboard new clients regardless of her workload and energy levels.

It was also really important to find a way to make Sarah stand out in her industry, so we used her passion surrounding sustainabilty to attract her perfect fit client and bring more joy into her work.

Sarah also wanted to ensure her client's were able to maintain all the work she had done for them, we did this through family promises and regular follow ups.

It was important to identify some key goals and develop a strategy.


Instead of looking at what everyone else was doing in her industry, we highlighted what Sarah is most passionate about - which is stopping mindless consumption and making her client's homes a calm and peaceful sanctuary. 

Every touch point supported her main goal of highlighting environmental issues, and helping her clients to become curators of their own home. As a former fashion student, Sarah wanted to offer an additional services (creating capsule wardrobes), and so these add-ons or upsells where mentioned at key stages throughout the client journey.

We highlighted her passion


Some examples of how we created a signature client experience...


Sarah has to have a well organised schedule - her client's expect her to be organised and stay on top of admin. One of the areas which always troubled Sarah was her scheduling. She would spend hours trying to arrange discovery calls with her clients around her work schedule (and family time).

By making use of Dubsado's scheduling function (and integrating her Google Calendar) we were able to come up with an easy way for clients to schedule their meetings, and create a routine that supported Sarah's energy levels and personal boundaries.

Simplified Scheduling


Sarah wanted her clients to make a life long change - she didn't want to create a perfectly organised home, and then have it go back to the way it was after six months. She wanted her clients to make real changes to ensure they didn't go back to old habits. 

With this in mind we created journal prompts so Sarah could help her client's recognise unhealthy habits. Through this workbook her client's could discover what was most important to them, and recognise what they truly value so they could achieve (and sustain) the result they were hoping for by hiring Sarah.

Opportunities for reflection


It was really important to Sarah to continue to nurture and support her clients long after her service was complete. She didn't want to just organised her clients homes, and then hope that they would be able to keep things tidy. She wanted to give them the strategy to ensure their home stayed clutter free, and a space that feels calm and relaxing.

We created a nurture series that would continue up until a year after she wrapped up her service. She would regularly check in, and send her clients helpful videos. This helped her gain a steady income of referrals and would encourage her clients to leave the most amazing testimonials. 

Creating ongoing support


Behind the scenes look at her Building Trust workflow

Sarah isn't at her desk very often, and so it was really important that she could immediately send potential clients her investment guide, and outline her process. This looked professional and really impressed potential clients.

We created a to-do so Sarah could review a clients lead capture form, and send them an invitation to book a discovery call.

Sarah was losing track of her new leads, so we created a follow up if clients didn't book a discovery call in 5 days. We realised how important follow ups were, because most of her clients were busy working parents.

Because of all the time we saved Sarah, she was able to create more personalised proposals for her clients which lead to most of her clients booking her straight after the discovery call

Her lead capture form was embedded on her website. We were very intentional with the qualifying questions to identify her client goals and values, which helps her determine whether or not they would be a good fit for her service.

Effortlessly translate your unique magic through your signature service, that deeply nurtures your clients- all while allowing you to reclaim your own time, energy and peace of heart.

The final result created through my heart-centred approach...

Sarah will have many added benefits from creating a signature client experience, but what was really important to her, was to be able to give her clients a consistent experience regardless of her energy levels and workload. By creating a simple and streamlined workflow Sarah would be able to automate parts of her process, and hand over a lot of tasks to her VA. 

Sarah now has branded templates that look professional, save her time and helps her build an emotional connection with her clients. Her custom proposals create a seamless experience - allowing her clients to choose from a range of add on services, sign their contract and set up a payment plan all in a few simple clicks.

My heart-centred (slightly rebellious) framework is designed to help you feel empowered to build a client experience for your signature service, steeped in rituals and intentions, that enhances your brand magic while also bringing connection, joy and ease back into your business. Ensuring both you and your clients get the support you crave!



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